The Guide to Navigating Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Celebration Orlando is four full days and three evenings of non-stop Star Wars entertainment, panels, screenings, interactive events, exhibits, shopping and more.

Make the very most of your time Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 13-16 by reading this Guide to Navigating Celebration. There's a lot here, but it's worth knowing before you go!

Read through to the end to learn:

When, where and how to pick up your Star Wars Celebration Orlando badges

When to pick up your Star Wars Celebration Orlando badges:

  • Attendee registration opens on Wednesday, April 12 at 11am in Hall E of the West Building, and runs to midnight. (If you are an exhibitor, you can pick up your badge on Tuesday, April 11 starting at 12 noon.
    • All badges are available for pick-up, including single-day and four-day badges, Special Guest, Jedi Master VIP, Exhibitor, Medical Stickers, registered Media and Crew starting Wednesday, April 12 at 11am.
    • Pre-ordered Celebration Store merchandise is available for pick-upat the Merchandise Pick-up kiosks in the Registration area during Registration hours.
  • Registration opens Wednesday, April 12 at 11am and will not close until 12 midnight, when the Sleepover begins.
  • Registration for all badge types will re-open Thursday morning at 5am, and remain open until 12 midnight, Thursday night, when the second Sleepover night begins.
  • Registration for all badge types will reopen Friday morning at 5am, and remain open until 7pm. There will be no Sleepover Friday night.
  • Registration for all badge types will reopen Saturday morning at 5am and remain open until 7pm. There will be no Sleepover Saturday night.
  • Registration for all badge types will reopen Sunday morning at 5am and remain open until 5pm Sunday.

Where to pick up your Star Wars Celebration Orlando badges (Attendees, Media, Special Guests, VIPs, Exhibitors, Medical Badges and All Types):

  • When you arrive at the Orange County Convention Center, go to the West Lobby E/F entrance or the Westwood Lobby or the C entrance. All attendees will need to enter via these entrances to go through security.
  • Before free flow each day, all attendees, Medical Sticker holders, and registered media will need to enter via the West Lobby E/F entrance or the Westwood Lobby or the C entrance for security check, registration, and to get in the queues.

How to pick up your Star Wars Celebration Orlando badges:

  • Once you clear security, you will enter the Registration Hall and enter your respective queue to receive your badge and, if applicable, your pre-ordered merchandise.
  • Follow the signs for:
    • Show Store Pick Up (if you pre-ordered merchandise)
    • Autograph Check-In
    • Will Call/Pick Up Tickets
    • Buy Tickets
    • Jedi Master VIP
    • Media
    • Exhibitor Registration
    • Special Guests
    • Medical Badge (Sticker) Pick Up
  • After you pick up your badge, you can leave the Convention Center if you choose. Each time you reenter the Convention Center over the weekend, you will need to go back through a security screening checkpoint.
  • Starting at 8pm Wednesday and Thursday nights, queueing will begin in the Queue Hall, next to Registration in Hall E. See more in Sleepover below.
  • Starting at 5am Saturday and Sunday mornings, queuing will begin in the Queue Hall for that day.

All about security screenings, including prop weapons inspections

  • For Star Wars Celebration Orlando, All fans attending Star Wars Celebration will be required to pass through a security screening upon entering the convention center. Please remember this as you are planning your arrival time.
  • We'll also have metal detectors to assist with prop weapons check for cosplay weapons.
  • Important information on prop weapons: In order to ensure the safety of all attendees we ask that you do NOT bring replica prop blasters, guns or any props built from functional or previously functional gun parts to Celebration. Security staff and ReedPOP at its sole discretion will determine whether specific prop weapons may be allowed into the show. Prop weapons built from fiberglass or foam rubber will likely be approved for entry into the convention once inspected and tagged by our security staff. ReedPOP and Security will unfortunately not be able to hold restricted items, and they must be stored off site before entry to the show will be allowed.
  • To read our Celebration weapons policy click here.
  • Your safety and security at Star Wars Celebration is our #1 priority. Please cooperate with all posted signage and verbal instructions from our security staff, and plan for security checks appropriately.

When the "Sleepover" nights take place in the Queue Hall, and how to be a part of them

Pack your Star Wars jammies! Wednesday and Thursday nights will be the "sleepover" nights in the Celebration Queue Hall (Halls D and E).

  • Celebration Sleepover nights will be Wednesday, April 12 and Thursday, April 13, 2017.
  • On each night, the process will be the same for participating:
    • Starting at 8pm Wednesday and Thursday evenings, the queues will open. We will have separate Wristband queues (link)for each show on the Celebration and Galaxy Stages, and also a separate queue for those wanting to access the Celebration Exhibit Hall or other programming (no wristbands).
    • Doors for registration and the queue lines will stay open until 12 midnight Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
    • At 12 midnight the doors will close for the night, with no one else allowed in. There will be concessions and bathrooms open inside overnight.
    • Please note that no camping cots, and no chairs larger than will collapse and fit in a backpack.
    • If you choose to leave after 12 midnight Wednesday and Thursday, you will not be allowed back in the Registration and Queue Hall until 5am the next morning.
    • Wristbanding (link) for Celebration and Galaxy Stage performances will begin at 6am in the associated Wristbanding queues.
    • Bag & Coat Check will open at 8am each morning in W231, near the Queue Hall. You can exit to check your bags and coats, but will need to reenter through the security screening.

Where and when to queue for Celebration Orlando before "free flow:"

  • After you receive your badge in Registration, and after 8pm Wednesday and Thursday nights, or after 5am Saturday and Sunday mornings, you can start to queue in the Celebration & Galaxy Stage wristband queues or the Celebration Experience Exhibition Hall chutes, accessed through security screening at the West Lobby E/F entrance or the Westwood Lobby or the C entrance.
  • If you are not already in the queue hall at 5am, and are planning to enter at that time, please note that the Convention Center is not allowing queuing or camping out, outside the entrance before 5am. They have let us know they will disperse any fans gathering outside the entrances before 5am. Plan to arrive at 5am or later.
  • There are toilets and concessions available in the Queue Hall.
  • Anyone leaving the Queue Hall and returning again mustreenter through bag check and security.
  • The Queue Hall includes Celebration & Galaxy Stage wristband queues and Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall Chutes. Prepare ahead by viewing the floorplan here.

How to get a (required) wristband to see Celebration & Galaxy Stagepanels and how to queue for the Celebration Experience ExhibitHall:

  • After you receive your Star Wars Celebration Orlando badge, you can choose to queue to receive a Celebration or Galaxy Stage Wristband for Celebration or Galaxy Stage panels of your choice while supplies last, or join the Celebration Experience Exhibition Hall Chutes
  • Celebration & Galaxy Stage Wristband Queues
    • There will be separate Wristband Queues for each Celebration & Galaxy Stage panel each day.
    • Wristband Queues will be for that day's panels only (you can get a Friday panel wristband on Friday, but not a Saturday panel wristband on Friday).
    • Choose which panel is your priority, and get in that queuefirst.
    • Fans will be limited to two wristbands (two Celebration& Galaxy Stage panels total – not two on each stage) per day, while supplies last.
    • Capacity of the stage will dictate available seats and thus available wristbands.
    • At approximately 6am each day, the Celebration staff will start wristbanding in each panel queue.
    • A single wristband will be put on each person. Extra wristbands will not be given out. You must be present to receive a wristband The only exception is for the companion of a Medical Sticker holder. This companion, if he is holding his own badge plus the badge of the Medical Sticker holder, can pick up two wristbands at this time. Wristbands may not be transferred, or will not be replaced if lost or stolen.
    • Once you have your wristband for one panel, you can move through to another panel queue, and get a second wristband if there is supply for that panel remaining. Check the screens in the Queue Hall, which will be updated live, for wristband status.
    • After you have received two panel wristbands, or if all wristbands are gone for panels that day, you can move to the Celebration Experience Exhibition Hall Chutes, unless your first panel takes place at the Celebration or Galaxy Stage at 11:00.
    • If all wristbands are not given out before Celebration is open for the day, they will continue to be given out in the Queue Hall right up until the panel starts. Be sure to check the digital info wall for updated wristband availability for the day's panels.
    • The Behind-The-Scenes Stage (BTSS) will be wristbanded for four panels only: the 40thAnniversary Panel Thursday, the Last Jedi panel on Friday, Rebels on Saturday, and the Closing Ceremonies on Sunday. The shows will be streamed to the BTSS. All other shows on the BTSS will not be wristbanded, and will be seated first-come, first-served.
    • Star Wars Fan Stage, Star Wars Collectors' Stage, Star Wars Rebels Theater, Star Wars University and Star Wars Podcast Stage will not be wristbanded. Seating for these stages will be first-come, first-served.
  • Celebration Experience Exhibition Hall Chutes
  • Once you've received wristbands for your Celebration or Galaxy Stage panels, or if you choose not to see any Celebration or Galaxy Stage panels, you can get into the Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall Chutes, which will begin in West Hall D1.
    • Look for signs for these special chutes within the Celebration Experience Exhibition Hall Chutes:
      • Jedi Master VIPs
      • Medical Stickers
    • At 9:30am each morning, the Jedi Master VIP ticket holders will be led from the Queue Hall into the Celebration Experience Exhibition Halls. Jedi Master VIPs who want to see an 11am show in the Celebration or Galaxy Stages should proceed straight from the Exhibit Hall to the stage, to queue to be let in first.
    • At 10am, the Medical Sticker chute will be led to the Celebration Experience Exhibition Halls.
    • Immediately after the Medical Sticker chute clears:
      • Those in the Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall queue will be led into the Exhibit Hall in order of their chutes, and start enjoying all Star Wars Celebration Orlando has to offer!
      • Those with wristbands for the 11am show on the Celebration Stage will be led directly to the Celebration Stage to find their seats.
      • Those with wristbands for the 11am show on the Galaxy Stage ill be led directly to the Galaxy Stage to find their seats.
      • On Thursday and Friday mornings only, those in the 11am BTSS queue will be led directly to the BTSS to find their seats.
      • All fans must enter Star Wars Celebration Orlando from the Queue Hall. Once the Queue Hall is completely clear, and we go to “free flow.”

What "Free Flow" means to you:

  • After the Celebration Queue Hall is completely cleared in the mornings, Celebration will go to "Free Flow," which means fans with valid badges for that day who have cleared security upon entering the building can move throughout the West Convention Center.
  • Attendees who leave the building during the show can reenter, but will need to enter through security and bag screening again. Only after we are at Free Flow will there be additional security check points open at the Rosen Centre Skywalk, the Westwood Lobby, the entrance to West C Lobby, as well as the West Lobby E/F entrance.
  • Everyone attending Star Wars Celebration including Media, Exhibitors, Special Guests, Jedi Master VIPs, Crew and Staff will be required to pass through security if they leave the building and reenter.

Celebration Store and Lightspeed Lane:

We know you love exclusive Star Wars Celebration merchandise, and we're always striving to find ways to make the shopping experience even more enjoyable for you. That's why we've created the Lightspeed Lane at the official Star Wars Celebration Show Store! In an effort to minimize wait times for our fans, the Lightspeed Lane will allow some fans priority access to the store each day. A limited number of Lightspeed Lane tickets will be available every day and will be given out on a first come first served basis, beginning at 10am while supplies last. There will be a regular queue line for entry to the Official Star Wars Celebration Show Store as well.

Here's how it works:

Doors to the Star Wars Celebration Exhibit Hall will open at 10am each day. Upon entering the exhibit hall please head directly to the Lightspeed Lane at the Official Star Wars Celebration Halls WA1-WA2, Booth 101.

  • Lightspeed Lane tickets will be handed out on a first come first served basis while supplies last for that day. Once the allotment available for each day is given out no more will be available.
  • Each fan is allowed to receive one Lightspeed Lane ticket per person, per day, while supplies last. Each Lightspeed Lane ticket has a pre-determined return time printed on it that will grant you access to the store only during that window of time.
  • Come back to the Lightspeed Lane during the allotted 30-minute window of time designated on your Lightspeed Lane ticket. Present your Lightspeed Lane ticket and you will go directly into the Lightspeed Lane entry way queue. If you miss your designated time on the pass, your Lightspeed Lane ticket will no longer be honored. The Lightspeed Lane ticket does not guarantee immediate entry; however it does guarantee a significantly shorter wait time than the anticipated wait for the regular store queue.

Where to go for celebrity autographs and photographs:

Other Helpful Links:

We'll see you soon at Star Wars Celebration Orlando!

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