Interested in Exhibiting?

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Cosplay Competition

Have you spent the past year creating a Lando costume that L3-37 would love? Do you have an imperial costume that Darth Vader would consider most impressive?

Either way, Star Wars Celebration Anaheim invites both veteran and amateur cosplayers to join the most exciting Cosplay Competition in the Galaxy at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! It is more than just a competition – it’s a fun filled celebration of the very best Star Wars cosplayers that want to share their talent, skill and determination with the universe.

The SWCA Cosplay Competition will be taking place on stage in Anaheim on Saturday, May 28, 2022 and all entries must represent a character or element from the Star Wars universe. Participation in the SWCA Cosplay Competition is free, but all participants must have a valid entry badge for Saturday of Celebration in order to compete. The exact time of the SWCA Cosplay Competition will be announced soon.

Categories are:

Most Elaborate – Entries are judged on the overall appearance of their cosplay as well as the quality of the construction of the costume. Purchased costumes may not enter this category, but the costume does not need to be worn by the creator so long as the costume creator is present at the convention.

Best Likeness – Entries are judged on how well they can imitate and personify the character. • Group – Two or more people.

Best under 13 – Entries must be 13 and under to participate in this category.

Applications are now open through January 31, 2022! Please complete the form below, all fields are mandatory and partial entries will not be accepted. May the Force be with you!

Special Note to our Group Submissions: Please fill out the form using one person’s primary contact info and filling in your group name under “Stage Name”. For character name, pronunciation, and which universe they’re from, you can answer these questions for each group member in the same field so it appears as, for example, “Luke, Leia, R2-D2” or add this in “What should our SWCA Team and Judges Know?” field. Please be sure to still submit photos for each member.

Submission Materials

Please submit the following items below together with this registration using the link provided at the top of this form.

Linking to photos directly will not be accepted.

Please Note: In maintaining security in our submission process, only submissions through will be accepted for review. Upon clicking the link, if you do not already have a account, you may be prompted to sign up and can do so via a free Individual account here.

Upon submitting materials through, you will not receive a confirmation email of receipt, however we will reach out if we see an application but no photos.

  • Please upload a headshot photo (to be used if you are accepted). File must be titled “APPLICANT FULL NAME or COSPLAYER NAME – HEADSHOT” EX. “John Smith -  Headshot” or “The Best Star Wars Cosplayer – Headshot”.
  • Please upload photo(s) of your costume -  File must be titled “APPLICANT FULL NAME or COSPLAYER NAME – Costume Only” EX. “John Smith -  Costume Only” or “The Best Star Wars Cosplayer – Costume Only”.
  • Please upload photo(s) of you in your costume - File must be titled “APPLICANT FULL NAME or COSPLAYER NAME – In Costume” EX. “John Smith -  In Costume” or “The Best Star Wars Cosplayer –In Costume”.
  • Please upload photo(s) of the character represented in your costume - File must be titled “APPLICANT FULL NAME or COSPLAYER NAME – Character represented”  EX. “John Smith -  Character represented” or “The Best Star Wars Cosplayer – Character represented”.

Failure to properly name your submitted files to the standard above may result in an incomplete application.