Fan Clubs and Organizations

Celebration welcomes unofficial, regional, and international fan clubs and similar fan organizations to promote their organizations to other Star Wars fans and to act as a central location for club activities.

  • All Things R2
    All Things R2

    Started by R2-D2 collector, Sean Fuller, All Things R2 is a celebration of everyone's favorite Astromech. Via our Facebook page, Facebook members group, and Instagram page we share new product finds, collection photos and displays and fan photos of everything related to R2-D2. From the newest Hasbro or Sideshow releases to unique finds from South America, Japan and Europe, All Things R2 is your one stop destination for all the latest product news and information.

    At Celebration our fan club table will share details on our various social media platforms and how you can follow All Things R2 so that you know what products are out and where to find them, what items are coming soon or are in development, and share your love of R2 with hundreds of fellow fans and collectors. Never miss an R2 collectible as fans from around the world come together to talk All Things R2. We can't wait to meet you!

  • California Vintage Star Wars Collectors Club

    Vintage Star Wars collectibles are a phenomenon that has spanned generations of fans. With Star Wars stronger than ever, the toys and trinkets from the 1970s and 80s can continue to be enjoyed by both those that grew up with them and those just becoming acquainted with that galaxy far, far away. Established in 2008, the California Vintage Star Wars Collectors Club (CAVSWCC) is a state-wide club catered to anyone interested in vintage Star Wars toys and other memorabilia of all kinds. In addition to member-hosted gatherings in all regions of the state, CAVSWCC also organizes and participates in special events such as group tours to Rancho Obi-Wan and Public Library “Star Wars Reads” Days, among others. The club will be at Celebration Chicago to provide outreach to fans and collectors both local to the California area as well throughout the United States and internationally. Visitors to the club’s Celebration Fan Table will have the opportunity to join our mailing list/Facebook Group and receive information about the club, as well as take home California vintage-themed pins, stickers, and other special giveaways.

  • Chicago Force
    Chicago Force

    Chicago Force is a hardy group of people who share a common love of a galaxy far, far away. We love to get together and have parties, go bowling, sing karaoke, and just do nice things for other people. Started in 1999 to line up for The Phantom Menace, we’ve since celebrated our shared love of all aspects of Star Wars. Whether you love just the movies, or follow all the books, cartoons, comics and games, you’ll find us ready to talk about the latest news and fun.

    It does not matter if you live in Evanston or Mokena, downtown or DeKalb, Chicago Force has you covered.

  • Cosplayers of the Old Republic
    Cosplayers of the Old Republic

    The Cosplayers of the Old Republic fan group focuses on the cosplay, costuming, and prop making aspect of the Star Wars community. The Old Republic era (~4400-1000BBY) of Star Wars includes the Great Hyperspace War/Mandalorian Wars/Jedi Civil War (Knights of the Old Republic) and Great Galactic War/Cold War/Galactic War years (Star Wars: The Old Republic), but ancient masters (Tales of the Jedi) and New Sith Wars (Lord Hoth/Darth Bane era) are welcome as well. This includes famous characters like Revan, Satele Shan, Darth Malgus, and Zayne Carrick. Some of our most interesting characters have been those cosplaying various alien species including Sith Pureblood, Miraluka, Zabrak, and Togruta.

    Stop by our booth to learn about the Old Republic! Our Nar Shaddaa-themed Soovada booth is a place to discuss the stories and characters of the Old Republic Era. You will be able to share photos of your work on props and costumes, pick up tips and tutorials for some base costuming, and meet other cosplayers who share similar interests in this always expanding universe. We would love to talk with you!

    We will have a number of props and costumes on display, as well as swag giveaways throughout the weekend.

    If you are in an Old Republic cosplay, stop by to learn about our photoshoot!

    Interested in learning how to play Pazaak? We will also have demonstrations.

  • Empire State Star Wars Collectors Club

    The primary focus of our club is gathering Star Wars collectors from our area to get together for both social and informational purposes. Most meetings are at the home of a collector who plays host, to show off his or her collection to the group (and we do actually have some regular female members!) We are averaging about thirty people for our gatherings, after starting five years ago with four people at the first meeting, myself included!

  • Fantha Tracks
    Fantha Tracks

    Join us on the Fantha Tracks stand where our daily news reporting will be jumping off the website page and becoming live, interactive and in-person on the show floor.
    We will be hosting Fantha Tracks TV and Radio shows live from the booth and YOU can be part of the experience.
    We want you to join us to discuss your love for Star Wars, the best parts of Celebration you have discovered, the swag and purchases you have acquired and your thoughts on the breaking news from Celebrations panels.
    Meet our website news, podcast, YouTube and social media teams, and learn all about what we do.
    We will also be hosting fellow members of the Star Wars creative community throughout the show. You never know who you might meet as we have celebrity guests and fellow websites, YouTubers and podcasters joining us on the stand to talk all things Star Wars.
    Be sure to take part in our games and competitions and browse our special The Phantom Menace 20th anniversary display, where we will be showcasing many unique items for fans to check out, including some items rarely seen in America.
    Keep your eyes on and social media @FanthaTracks throughout the show where as well as our usual “Star Wars News In A Single File!” we will be running interactive competitions and keeping you informed of the latest events from the booth and the show.

  • Flying Solo at Star Wars Celebrations

    Calling all Star Wars Celebration Solo attendees. Nervous about traveling to Star Wars Celebration alone or for the first time? Fear not, the Flying Solo group was created to help those traveling to Celebration alone feel they are not truly without a wingman while traveling the galaxy.
    The group provides members a way to reach across the galaxy and stay connected with the friends made at Star Wars Celebrations.
    We are looking to recruit new members to our squadron by inviting other solo flyers to join us. All wings report in.

  • Indiana Star Wars Collecting Community
    Indiana Star Wars Collecting Community

    The Indiana Star Wars Collecting Community was founded in 2014 to promote and encourage a sense of community among Star Wars collectors throughout our state.   We have members from all corners of Indiana as well as neighboring states.  Our collecting interests are very diverse and range from vintage Kenner products to posters, patches, trading cards, artwork, busts, statues and the most recent action figure releases.
    We host quarterly meetings to socialize, trade items and talk Star Wars.  Other activities include our annual Social, collecting items for Toys for Tots, participating in community service, organizing movie outings and attending Midwest toy shows together.
    We hope to use our Fan Table to spread awareness that a community of collectors exists in Indiana and to interact with other clubs, fans, attendees and collectors who share our passion for all things Star Wars.  We love sharing stories with others who have similar interests, and we cannot wait to meet you at our table.   
    At Celebration Chicago we are honored to once again be a part of the popular collecting club patch giveaway.  This year the eight piece set is inspired by the Kenner Return of the Jedi multi-figure pack.  Please stop by our booth for a chance to obtain our piece of this incredible patch, chat with our members and look for additional offerings.

  • It's a Small Galaxy Far, Far Away
    small galaxies
  • Japan Star Wars Art Alliance

    Displaying Japanese style unique items, we will present a cultural exchange between us and other area’s Star Wars fans. They will find our exhibitions awesome!

  • Jedi Assembly
  • Jedi Order Japan
    Jedi Order Japan

    Celebration Chicago will be our 4th challenge in America. We’ll do our best for sharing our love to the Star Wars fans!!!
    We will display our handmade Star Wars Crafts and Items.
    By doing so, We would like to show how we enjoy and love the Star Wars and Share our love to the world wide Star Wars fans!
    Detail of our table...four members have individual categoly inccluding the two of the finalist of the Star Wars Fan Awards 2018!
    No.1 Japanese Star Wars vegetable carving: Display the various vegetable carving and show the carving live.
    No.2  Paper cutting art:Display the many of paper cutting arts and show the cutting live.
    No.3 Display of handmade a lot of cube BB-8 and R2-D2(different colors and sizes).
    No.4 Dosplay of handmade really real Star Wars rank badges.
    Also we would like to introduce our various costumes and many other activity that we've been doing in Japan.

  • Kentucky Star Wars Collectors Club (KSWCC)
    Kentucky Star Wars Collectors Club

    The members of the Kentucky Star Wars Collectors Club (KSWCC) are excited to host our first-ever booth at a Star Wars Celebration! KSWCC will be participating in some amazing group swag giveaways, including Leia from the multi-club Hoth patch puzzle set and two medallions (Jabba and Bossk) from the Fill the Barge set. We’ll also have additional fun swag exclusive to KSWCC. Please visit our booth or our Facebook page for details on the distribution of these free items.
    We’re especially looking forward to meeting fellow collectors and talking about all the cool stuff our club does in Kentucky on a regular basis. Our members meet regularly in Ashland, Lexington, and Louisville – in libraries, comic shops, and members’ homes. We also meet three times a year for state-wide assemblies, including our marquee event – the Fall Festival, which will be hosted in Ashland in 2019. KSWCC has a close relationship with the clubs in Ohio and Indiana; for the last two years, we’ve enjoyed a Midwest Mixer with members from those groups. KSWCC is proud to support other local organizations, including area children’s hospitals, our affiliate podcast (The Star Wars Collector Podcast), and the student Star Wars club at Lexington's Henry Clay High School. We invite everyone to stop by and chat with us about the club and our activities!

  • Lightsaber Team

    Why pay for expensive gym memberships or costly personal trainers when you can join Lightsaber Team for free? We work out with lightsabers, strive to maintain a low-stress “no-drama” club culture and make friends who share our interests & fandoms!

  • Line Force Fan Club
    Line Force Fan Club

    Line Force Fan Club began as a small group of fans who braved the conditions to be first in line for past Celebrations. Since its official launch in Anaheim 2015, it has grown to over 1,000 members worldwide & continues to partner with other clubs. Currently, Line Force’s 3 primary functions are to provide great swag & activities for attendees of Celebrations & other conventions, “Unite a galaxy of fans,” and raise money for the charities that we support. At previous Celebrations Line Force has delivered fantastic puzzle patches for fans to hunt down, unique club patches to win, and even a challenge coin that was in such high demand that it was out of stock by the second day in Orlando 2017. For this year’s event we have really out done ourselves on your behalf. We have partnered with 5 other clubs to bring you the “Fill the Barge” 15 challenge coin scavenger hunt. Line Force will be hosting 4 of these 15 coins. To find them you will have to stop by the booth & check both the website as well as our Facebook page. They are extremely limited, so good luck & happy hunting! Next we have our Celebration club patch which will feature a rendering of the character Mara Jade poised in front of Chicago’s own Willis Tower in tribute to the model Shannon McRandle. Lastly, we will have two different puzzle patches to hunt down with various other clubs. Come by and see us!

  • MetaNerdz

    We are MetaNerdz, better known for our Youtube channel MetaNerdz Lore where we break down and explain different parts of the Star Wars Universe such as ships, species, weapons, and droids. Our Channel came to life two years ago when Freddy learned about the IG-100 droid and decided that there had to be other people that were interested in these obscure Star Wars facts. From there we started our journey to slowly help create a video encyclopedia that fans can reference for whatever reason they may need, whether it be curiosity, a table top stat, or for bragging rights.
    In the same way we expanded into different parts of the physical Star Wars universe we also found ourselves making videos or debating in live streams about some of the abstract parts of the Universe like different storytelling methods, decisions made by the creators, and how they affected the way a character or story is received by the audience.
    We’re coming to Star Wars Celebration and we’re not coming alone, we’re also bringing our trusty Gonk Droid. We built the Gonk droid as a costume and since then have worked to perfect to suit and are always happy to answer questions and break down different parts of the suit in person for those curious droid builders.

  • NorthEast Star Wars Collectors Club NESWCC
    NorthEast <Star Wars Collectors Club NESWCC

    The Northeast Star Wars Collectors Club. (NESWCC) was formed in 1996 by a group of friends from the New England area. The love of collecting toys from the films and discussing the Star Wars universe is what brought us together. Over the years, we ‘ve added over 125 members and also crossed over to join with the Empire State Star Wars Collectors Club.
    This year at Celebration Chicago, we will be giving away 1 of a 6-piece puzzle patch hourly over the course of the show. The remaining 5 pieces will be given out at other Fan Club booths at Celebration.
    For our Main giveaway we joined Forces with Line Force, Pennsylvania Star Wars Collectors Society, Kentucky Star Wars Collectors Club, Swag Crew and Norwich Star Wars Club UK to bring you “Fill The Barge.” It is a 15-piece challenge coin giveaway.  Each club will have a limited number of coins to be given out each day. With every coin you win, you’ll get your “Fill The Barge” card stamped. If you’re able to get 7 stamps, you’ll also receive a Free Fill The Barge Collectors coin album to display your coins.
    The coins the NESWCC will be giving away are: Barada, Boba Fett, Klaatu & Nikto

  • Norwich Star Wars Club UK
    Norwich Star Wars Club UK

    Founded in 1999, the Norwich Star Wars Club UK is a family friendly club which aims to help promote Star Wars fandom in the community, make friends and enjoy all that is Star Wars. We are involving a new generation in the Club and to help teach them what Star Wars is all about, not just the movies but as a means of making new friends, to help worthy causes and to become part of the Star Wars Community. The Club meets on a monthly basis and hosts Jedi training for our Padawans amongst other activities. The Club and its Heroes and Villains costume group has helped raise many thousands of pounds for local and national charities and continues to do so. With over a thousand members worldwide we look forward to meeting and welcoming friends, old and new, to our stand at Celebration Chicago 2019.
    We are participating in at least one group patch so come and see us to see if you can win one of our pieces.
    We are also participating in the “Fill The Barge” coin giveaway in association with a number of other Fan Groups. These coins will be very limited and we shall be offering the chance to win our coin (Squid Head) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Show.

  • Order 416
    Order 416

    A Canadian Star Wars cosplay group from the Greater Toronto Area. We design and build our own costumes inspired by the Star Wars Universe. Our group is devoted to creating a positive and welcoming environment for everyone. Cosplayers, collectors and fans in general will all find a place of belonging here. “Execute, ORDER 416." Are you a Jedi or Sith? Do you dream about becoming a Star Wars cosplayer? We’d love to inspire your next project. We will be giving free cosplay consultations for working with a range of materials and budgets. We specialize in creating our own costumes for all skill levels. Our members will be in costume at our booth with lightsabers and props ready for memorable photos with you. Feel the power of the Force flowing through you. We will be offering short Star Wars themed Yoga classes. Even a 5 minute meditation can leave a lasting impression. We will also be handing out Star Wars themed positive affirmations to inspire and uplift fans. If collecting is your passion, we have that as well. Our archives contain various artifacts ranging from vintage items to rare autographs. We will be displaying items from our personal Star Wars collections. We will have many promotional giveaways. Enter the contest at our booth for some out of this galaxy prizes. We will offer information for anyone interested in joining Order 416, or starting your own Star Wars fan group. We hope to inspire other fans to follow in our footsteps.

  • Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society
    Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society

    Founded in August 2000, and with well over 500 members, the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society ( is one of the largest regional collectors clubs in the world.  Our goal is to enhance the collecting experiences of our members through networking, education, and socializing.  We are honored to be participating in our ninth Star Wars Celebration.
    Our passion for Star Wars and our desire to support worthy Pennsylvania charities led us to form, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising.  We are very excited to debut our 2019 fundraiser at Celebration Chicago.  This fundraising medallion, featuring the likeness of Clone Commander Wolffe, will benefit Wolf Sanctuary of PA, a rescue facility that offers a lifelong safe haven for displaced wolves.  Limited to a one-time run of 1000 pieces, this Lucasfilm-approved medallion will be availble for $10 at our booth, while supplies last.  100% of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to Wolf Sanctuary of PA.
    We will also be participating in two multi-group give-aways at Celebration.  First, please visit our booth at the bottom of each hour to receive our piece of an 8-piece puzzle patch.  Inspired by the Vintage mail-away Return of the Jedi 3-pack sticker, the set features 8 different Vintage Star Wars action figures. 
    We are also participating in the "Fill the Barge" medallion give-away.  Stop by our booth to try your luck at winning each of the three "Fill the Barge" medallions sponsored by members of the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society.

  • Pride Squadron

    Pride Squadron is a space for LGBTQ+ members of the costume and droid builder clubs that work under the guidance of Lucasfilm (as well as future members of those clubs committed to finishing costumes/droids that are currently in progress), such as the Rebel Legion, 501st Legion, Saber Guild, Mandalorian Mercs, Dark Empire, and Droid Builders. This is a collaborative and social group to discuss issues specific to the LGBTQ+ experience in the realm of Star Wars costuming and droid building. It is our priority to be an intersectional resource for LGBTQ+ members in these costume and droid clubs to make the Star Wars costuming and droid building world a friendlier place for everyone.
    Here at Celebration our space is a community hub for all LGBTQ+ Star Wars fans and allies with special guests and events at our table throughout the convention. Stop by our table for a full schedule and some freebies!

  • Star Wars Autograph Universe

    We are the largest Facebook community dedicated to collecting Star Wars Autographs. Our members have the ability to interact with some of the hobby’s most experienced collectors, industry professionals and participate in exclusive signing events.

  • Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance
    Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance

    The Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance is a hub for Star Wars fan groups around the state of Florida and a collective of devotees to the Galaxy Far, Far Away celebrating its 10 year Anniversary. Whether you’re a collector, a costumer, a creator, or you just love the movies & television series, the goal is to build a bridge to all Florida Star Wars fans. It’s a place for fans to commune, network, make friends and appreciate the greatest Saga ever told. All established groups of varying disciplines and interests are invited as well as anybody with a love for Star Wars.

    Make plans to stop by the Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance booth located in the Fan Table area to say hello and meet some of our members. While there, be sure to pick up one of the 8 unique pieces of the officially licensed Star Wars Celebration Chicago Collector's Club Patch. The Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance piece makes up a portion of these spectacular & coveted items and are required to fully complete the sets. The patch pieces are free, but will require some small attendee participation (typically answering Star Wars trivia questions). Supplies are extremely limited, so don't wait to get yours! Also, look for special 10th Anniversary buttons!

    Swag Crew

    The SWAG CREW  started in 2015 after SWC Anaheim with the idea of making fan created swag (something we all get) more available to everyone attending.  SWAG CREW exploded from that idea into a large fan group with over 1500+ members.  The group is made up of Star Wars fans from all over the world for 1 reason, the love of SWAG!
    A big part of our group is working with a local children's charity. This year at Celebration we will be raising funds for local a charity by raffling off donated vintage toys and other items..  Make sure to stop by to make a donation and buy a ticket for the raffle.
    SWCSC is teaming up with 6 other fan groups for  'Fill the Barge'.  This a 15-piece challenge coin giveaway where each group has 1 or 2 coins available.  SWCSC will have Salacious Crumb in our booth.  The coins are very limited and we will only have a select number each day for those lucky enough to snag them. With every coin you win, you’ll get your “Fill The Barge” card stamped. If you’re able to get 7 stamps, you’ll also receive a Free Fill The Barge Collectors coin album to display your coins.
    In the booth we will be teaching attendees how to create swag, making buttons in the booth and spreading the word about swag and on the show floor (look for bright colored SWAGbassador shirts directing traffic to the booth).

  • The Dented Helmet

    The primary focus of The Dented Helmet is to provide a place and community for people who want to research and construct their own Boba Fett or Star other Wars bounty hunter costume whether it be in the hopes of joining a Lucasfilm recognized charity group or for their personal collection. We aim to assist and inspire those wanting to do so by providing various resources as well as a friendly atmosphere to exchange knowledge and ideas through our forum.

  • The Force Legion Collector Club

    Star Wars Fans and Collectors lived very different experiences south of the border, they knew it as Star Wars 3-inch figures were not available until The Empire Strikes Back in small quantities, Latinoamérica Fans in the 80’s had to wait until Return of the Jedi to really have the experience of most Star Wars toys. So the Star Wars Force Legion Collectors Club wishes to share this unique way in which Fandom thrived in a difficult situation, so we will have available our JC Luna aka “The Lordgenius & JC” Club President, expert Star Wars Collector, Vlogger, and Writer & Club Vice-President, Ricardo Cachoua, Star Wars fan and expert, he is the translator of all Star Wars comic books published with licensed in Mexico, Together they will be exhibiting Star Wars Collectibles from Spain & Mexico, some of them very rare indeed. Lili Ledy & PBP poch figures, etc. We will also have our Members with fabulous Star Wars cosplay armors. With our YouTube Chanel and more than 33.000 Facebook Members and 10,000 club members Our Mission: is to enrich the saga of Star Wars, Our Vision: to become one of the best clubs in the world of Star Wars collectors Our Objective: document and leave a legacy in history through collecting in video.

    Join us in our booth for a Star Wars Fiesta Across The Celebration

  • The Galactic Academy
    The Galactic Academy

    "...Cadets of the Galactic Academy are the very brightest from across the galaxy, held in awe by any opponent.  Whether drilled by Sith Lords from the Imperial Corps, or trained in the ways of the FORCE by Jedi Masters, each Cadet receives the training required to join our elite ranks.  Whatever their specialty, only the most capable, iron-willed and dedicated will be chosen to progress through the ranks.  But be forewarned: the life of a Cadet is hard, grueling work.  Only the best can ever hope to survive the process.  But those lucky few will earn their Academy Medals to become the envy of the galaxy.  Are YOU up to the challenge?!?!?..."                
    The Galactic Academy is the first costuming club to celebrate the next generation of young STAR WARS™ fans, serving as a free online repository for kids ages 0-17 as a safe place to show their passion for STAR WARS™ and display pictures of their STAR WARS™ costumes.  The Galactic Academy encourages costumers from both the Imperial and Republic Allegiances, whatever their type.  From paper-plate C3P-O’s, to bathrobe Jedis, to screen-quality buckets & armor – show off your creative-side! 
    “Judge us by our size do NOT!”

  • The Imperial Commissary
    The Imperial Commissary

    The Imperial Commissary is the largest Vintage Star Wars Facebook club in the world. The IC is an international club that has grown into 20 Facebook groups covering every kind of collectible, from Star Wars (vintage and modern) to any 80’s collectible from Alien to Voltron! We also have a podcast ICStarWars that delves into the variations of vintage Star Wars Items and current events of the community. The Imperial Commissary has also raised tens of thousands of dollars over the years for charity, bringing food, water, schools, and Star Wars Toys to less fortunate kids from Central America to Africa. All this while hosting over 15 in real life club meetups all over the world! The mission of the IC is to educate new enthusiasts growing the collecting community for the future while welcoming everyone. From the brand new next generation collectors to the original stewards of the hobby, all are welcome into the IC collecting world! Through this community collectors are provided the tools needed to recognize and avoid Repro (fake copies), how to spot variants, how to price and purchase classic collectibles safely. The IC gives the collecting community a safe, 100% authentic, harassment free zone to buy, sell, trade, and grow the hobby of collecting vintage items that we all love! Join us and together we will usher in the Future of Collecting!

  • The Lone Star State Vintage Star Wars Collectors Club

    The Lone Star State Vintage Collectors Club is a group based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that brings folks from all over the state of Texas together once a quarter to share their love of Star Wars and its memorabilia and to serve its community. If you're from Texas and are looking for a great group of folks to meet up with, please be sure to look us up, stop by our booth and introduce yourselves! If you'd like to get a jump on the introductions, please feel free to hit us up on our Facebook page at - we'd love to have you join us at our booth in Chicago!

  • The Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club
    The Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club

    Come meet fellow collectors from Ohio! Star Wars collecting is lots of fun with others and we are celebrating how life-long friendships can be made with those that share similar interests. The Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club ( is divided into three regions based on state geography - North, Central, and South. Regional meetings are held monthly, & members gather at comic and toy shows, host movie premieres, auctions, and many other Star Wars-related events. Our annual Summer Social is held for all members and their families to celebrate everything that is Star Wars; we hold both live and silent auctions, set up displays and sales tables, host special guests (past guests have included official Star Wars artists, former Hasbro, Kenner & ILM employees). Our members have a number of extraordinary collections of vintage and modern memorabilia, and we network to share news about newly discovered pieces, new-releases, and display suggestions. We are proud to represent the Buckeye State that was home to Kenner Toys, where so much of the Star Wars action figure world began! OSWCC is attending Celebration in force this year, and hope you get a chance to meet us! Once again, OSWCC is participating in an exclusive multi-state club patch with seven other collectors clubs. Stop by our booth for a free chance to take home our piece of the patch! We’ll also have club exclusive patches for trade, and would love to meet you and answer any questions you may have about collecting.

  • The Star Wars Underworld
    The Star Wars Underworld

    The Star Wars Underworld was built by fans, and exists for the sole purpose of serving the fan community. It is a trustworthy source for breaking Star Wars news, intelligent speculation, and constructive discussion, and is a venue for fans to express their own creativity and opinions. The SWU is a place for all fans to be brought together by a love for the universe created by George Lucas and populated by so many legendary characters. Be sure to stop by our booth during Celebration for live podcasts, cool giveaways, and more! Check out for more details!

  • The Star Wars: The Old Republic Fan Community
    The Star Wars: The Old Republic Fan Community

    Are you a fan of SWTOR, or have always wanted to try playing the game? Swing by our booth to pick up some ingame goodies, enter a massive giveaway, meet special guests, take photos with Old Republic props, or get help if you are new to the game!

  • Twin Suns Charities, Inc
    Twin Suns Charities, Inc

    Twin Suns Charities, Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit that helps gamers run gaming events to benefit charitable organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Our booth will feature tutorials, exhibitions and open gaming of FFG’s X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars: Armada and Star War: Legion games. We also will be distributing information and swag from our current charity partner, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital as well as sharing our own growth and successes as an organization and flagship event, the Campaign Against Cancer which has raised $81,000 for charity in 5 years and grown from a single city to an international network of locations. The Twin Suns Charities, Inc booth will have demonstrations and tutorials on painting X-Wing and Legion figures by Luke Carrington and special guests. We will also be hosting exhibition X-Wing games with members of the community for a chance to win special Star Wars related prizes. ** Per LucasFilm Ltd approval, we will be holding raffles of prizes such as custom artwork, “fuzzy” gaming dice, Star Wars toys and more. Any funds raised will go to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a part of our international Campaign Against Cancer charity fundraiser. Items such as “Idealistic Crusader” pins and patches will be made available in very limited quantities.

  • Twin Suns Foundation
    Twin Suns Foundation

    Twin Suns Foundation is once again joining our fellow fans at Star Wars Celebration! We will be streaming live from the convention floor throughout the entirety of the convention. Feel free to drop by and talk with us about your favorite Star Wars moments, including those from the Legends timeline!
    We are also holding a raffle. If you are interested in participating in our raffle, stop by with some new Star Wars books to donate and you will come away with raffle tickets, and perhaps a few bits of convention swag as well as a chance to win bigger prizes! More books will mean more entries! We will be drawing two winners each day of the convention.  If you cannot stop by our booth for the raffle, be sure to check it out on our live stream where we will do the drawing live near the end of the convention day! All prizes must be claimed before the end of the day!
    All donated books collected during the convention will be taken to a location in Chicago after the conclusion of Star Wars Celebration and donated as a thank you to the city for hosting the convention this year!
    To find out more about Twin Suns Foundation, please join us on our website at!

  • Washington DC Area Star Wars Collecting Club (DCSWCC)
    Washington DC Area Star Wars Collecting Club

    The Washington D.C. Area Star Wars Collecting Club (DCSWCC), one of the largest and most active such clubs in the world, was founded in 2003 to serve the visions of being a place for Star Wars collectors to meet with others of similar interests, share and expand their collecting habits, and perhaps most importantly, give back to the communities and pay forward to the children of the Washington D.C. metro area. 
    Celebration Chicago marks the club’s seventh Celebration.  They will once again showcase their members and collections via printed media and several members will be on hand at the booth throughout the event, mingling with attendees, and answering any questions that visitors may have.  DCSWCC will have activities at our table geared toward both young and young-at-heart and will offer several free Lucasfilm-approved exclusive giveaways each day of the convention, including one part of an 8-piece puzzle patch.  Inspired by a vintage Return of the Jedi mail-away multi-pack sticker, each patch in the set features a vintage Star Wars action figure. 
    The club has raised over $30,000 for local charities during the last 15 years, and is extremely proud to announce that they will have available during Celebration Chicago their eighth bi-annual charity pin, featuring Luke in his Jedi blacks, with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors ( being the designated charity this year. 

Celebration Supporters

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