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Podcast Stage

Location: W193

Celebration welcomes excellent fan-produced Star Wars podcasts to the show, each selected from a large field of applicants. Come hear them broadcast live from Celebration throughout the weekend.

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  • Beyond The Outer Rim Beyond The Outer Rim Logo

    Greetings Citizens of the Galaxy! Beyond the Outer Rim is a podcast about YOU, the Fan. Star Wars is a source of escapism and should, at its core, be FUN and thrilling just like the films are. We do our best each week to present the "everyman" approach to Star Wars, by reviewing content and approaching themes, philosophies and a larger understanding of what makes Star Wars the greatest film saga of all time. We're striving for an open community where opinions are respected and debate is welcomed. Join us each week as we interview exclusive Star Wars celebrities, creators and talent. We also dive deep into the major themes and ideas of the Saga and review all major content releases. Presented by Jonathan Stubbs, Logan Robinson, Ross Adams and produced by Travis Thomas. Part of CinemaShelf Podcast Network.

  • The Cantina Cast The Cantina Cast Logo

    Since 2011, The Cantina Cast has been the home of thought-provoking Star Wars discussion, character dissections, and scene and quote analysis. We specialize in the exploration of symbolism found throughout the Star Wars saga and in digging deep into characters both big and small.

    The Cantina Cast is hosted by Albert Padilla and Chris "Jonesy" Jones, two dyed-in-the-wool fans with a penchant for serving up theories and speculation. And while we may not have all the (correct) answers, we hope to inspire listeners to challenge the status quo and come up with their own. Tin foil hats recommended and encouraged.

    So whether you're into Star Wars movies, television shows, novels, comics, video games, or collecting, we have a seat for you waiting at The Cantina Cast!

  • Coffee With Kenobi Coffee With Kenobi Logo

    Coffee With Kenobi, your source for Star Wars discussion, analysis, and rhetoric, is the award-winning podcast that analyzes the saga in a whole new way. Since May of 2013, CWK has discussed the mythology of Star Wars from a place of intelligence and humor. Hosted by educator, writer, speaker, and Star Wars expert, Dan Z, the family-friendly show was named Fan's Choice in the 2016 Star Wars podcast awards, and also features a blog, YouTube channel, and a family of shows that bring insights and analysis not found anywhere else.

    Each week, Dan Z is joined by two new co-hosts in the Star Wars community, as they cover the latest news, collectibles, and fan events while staying free from rumors and hyperbolic journalism. CWK also speaks with the actors, authors, podcasters, bloggers, and creators of the franchise through interviews and discussion.

    Coffee With Kenobi is the first Star Wars fan podcast to be Twitter verified and was the first ever podcast to broadcast live at a Star Wars Celebration. The show has been featured in StarWars.com, The Hollywood Reporter, HuffPost, and Peoria Journal Star. Whether you love the Star Wars films, animated shows, books, comics, or collectibles, CWK has something for you. This is the podcast you're looking for!

  • Collider’s Jedi Council Collider’s Jedi Council Logo

    Collider’s Jedi Council is a weekly report from the Star Wars Universe hosted by Kristian Harloff and Ken Napzok with a rotating group of guests who bring the fans their unique takes on all the latest news and theories from the world of Star Wars. Kristian Harloff has made a name for himself with Star Wars fans and with notable luminaries intimately involved in the franchise. Even noted Star Wars author and enthusiast Claudia Gray (“Bloodline” and “Lost Stars”) named a planet in canon after Kristian and called it Harloff Minor! Kristian’s unique, no nonsense take provides a refreshing approach to this storied franchise. Ken Napzok has also built a strong standing with the Star Wars fans over the years with the numerous shows and podcasts he hosts that dive deep into the mythology, canon and storylines in this galaxy far, far away.

  • Fangirls Going Rogue Fangirls Going Rogue Logo

    Fangirls Going Rogue is a fun-filled, family-friendly Star Wars podcast from the female perspective. We have more than one heroine in our adventures as our hosts represent a diverse cross-section of fandom. From the outset, the mission statement of Fangirls Going Rogue has been to elevate women in Star Wars. Our discussions draw upon our personal experiences as longtime fans with different inroads into fandom. We incorporate conversations with other female fans to empower their voices, and we actively seek out stories on women VIPs working on Star Wars. These segments are important for younger fans to realize that gender does not prevent them from participating in creating storytelling magic in the galaxy far, far away. Fangirls Going Rogue's passion is building a vibrant sense of community among all fans.

    Who are we? Tricia Barr is an author and engineer, who advocates for female fans through her website FANgirl Blog. She writes about Star Wars in major media, including Star Wars Insider magazine and PopSugar, and has hosted numerous panels about Star Wars at conventions across the country. Teresa Delgado is a fangirl trailblazer in Star Wars podcasting; she runs her own website Fangirl Next Door and co-hosts the podcast Star Wars Bookworms. Sarah Woloski is an expert podcast editor and digital design guru who co-hosts the weekly podcast Skywalking Through Neverland with her husband. Sandra Choute is an educator and blogger; she manages daily social media activity for the podcast, keeping the community engaged with events like Live Watch parties for The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. We represent three generations of fandom, from the 1977 original to the Prequel era resurgence.

  • Fauxthentic History Fauxthentic History Logo

    Hosted by Holly Frey (Stuff You Missed in History Class) and Bryan Young (Full Of Sith) Fauxthentic History is your most reliable source of fictional history inside the many, varied worlds of popular culture, mythology, and nerddom. From Star Wars and Star Trek to Disney films and Lord of the Rings, your hosts will take you through the finer details of your favorite stories in ways you never imagined.

    Have you ever wondered about the military strategy behind the Battle of Hoth? Or about the details of the creation of the New Republic after the Empire's collapse, and how things played out in galactic government from there? Fauxthentic History has you covered.

    No aspect of the galaxy's history is too obscure for these historians. Previous episodes have examined topics like Alderaan's culture and what was really lost when the planet was destroyed, and the Jedi Council including the details of its often-overlooked four subcouncils.

    We've talked about notable Imperial defectors, the winding paths of Darth Maul's life, and even how various holidays have been celebrated on various planets.

    Sometimes, the focus is on the biographies of notable figures of the galaxy, such as Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, the Ewok Princess Kneesa, or the fascinating – and terrifying – Dathomiri witch Mother Talzin. Other episodes examine larger social structures of the galaxy, which can range from the Bounty Hunters Guild, to the criminal underworld, to a deep-dive look at a specific species like the Aqualish, all with an eye toward piecing together the larger galactic picture to see how even small, seemingly insignificant events can impact the course of history.

  • The Forcecast The Forcecast Logo

    The ForceCast is the oldest, longest-running Star Wars Podcast in the galaxy. Ryan Donoho and Daniel Berry talk to the biggest names in front and behind the camera in that Galaxy Far Far Away. Each week, the guys take a fun look at all things happening in the Galaxy and are joined by friends from all over the world.

    From the movies to the animated shows and everything in between, The ForceCast is a positive look at the saga. Every episode celebrates what we love about Star Wars, and why we came to love it in the first place.

    The ForceCast is the official podcast of TheForce.Net and RebelScum.com. Started in 2006, the show has been heard over 10 million times by Star Wars fans all over the world.

  • From The Bacta Tank From The Bacta Tank Logo

    From the Bacta Tank is a fan broadcast designed for open discussion on Star Wars news, rumors, and gossip. Plus breakdowns on episodes of Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Resistance, and reviews on relevant books and comics. From the Bacta Tank is part of the Rain Man Digital Network (RMD). RMD is an independent broadcast company based in the Phoenix Metropolitan area since 2011. In 2016, RMD reached a peak listenership of nearly 220,000 listeners in just one week. RMD enjoys a solid relationship with its listeners - along with a talk lineup that targets the hottest pop culture niches.

  • Galactic War Report Galactic War Report Logo

    Galactic War Report is a weekly show about the massively popular mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes from EA and Capital Games. It has been around since 2016, launching shortly after the game did. Sean (theothersean) and John (TheUncannyMrH) cover strategy, previews, and advice each episode as well as a look at what characters are currently trending in the Meta Report to help you plan where to focus your resources to deal with an ever-shifting meta.

    Working closely with EA as part of the Game Changers program, GWR gives you the inside scoop with frequent developer interviews and Q & A with the folks behind the game. They've interviewed popular You Tubers and other big influencers in the Galaxy of Heroes community and continue to seek out a variety of perspectives through their listeners as well, since everyone's play style is unique.

    As very devoted (but often bad) players of the game, Sean and John bring a perspective of player with no or little budget who still want to be competitive in the game. Sean focuses more on Light Side and John on Dark Side to try and have a broad understanding of what makes the various factions tick.

    Sean and John have been working together since they hosted a very bad college radio show about the paranormal called "The Other Side" and were also two of the hosts of original Radio Free Tatooine podcast, which ran from 2014-2018.

    Galactic War Report is a proud part of the Radio Free Tatooine podcast network.

  • Keeping Up With The Geekbros Keeping Up With The Geekbros Logo

    Juancho, ViBE, Darth Flexx and Garbanzo are the "GEEK BROS" broadcasting LIVE every week from a galaxy not so far far away. Providing their special brand of social on all "geek-tasic" entertainment news, events, TV shows, movies and so much more for your auditory pleasure! "Geeking Out...Never Sounded So Good!"

  • Get Your Geek On Get Your Geek On Logo

    "Get Your Geek On" is a dynamic and award-winning show heard on 1160 AM KRDY in San Antonio, but has an international audience. The show takes pride in covering all things "Geek" including the latest news from the world of DC, Marvel, Star Trek, eSports, and of course Star Wars. They also take pride in interviewing some incredible people involved with your favorite movies and TV shows including Mike Quinn, James Arnold Taylor, Marina Sirtis, Grey DeLisle, and Natalia Cordova-Buckley! This show has been named the Best Podcast and Dave himself was nominated for Best Radio Personality in the 7th largest city in the USA (according to San Antonio Magazine). We're honored and humbled to be making our first appearance on the Podcast Stage! Our show will be a celebration of all things Star Wars and will have giveaways live during the broadcast! Come on up and see what one of the most listened to talk radio shows for Geeks in the USA is all about!

  • Inside The Force Inside The Force Logo

    A weekly Star Wars show exploring the galaxy far, far away. Fueled by our love and passion for the Force, we tap into hundreds of holocrons in order to bring you the knowledge and insight of all things Star Wars. We discuss unique topics, scan the news and bring on guests to join the conversations.

    Like all Star Wars fans, we consume it all. We analyze the films, tv shows, comics, novels, games and more and discuss their impact on the ever-growing Star Wars canon. And we do this all the while promoting positive fandom within the Star Wars Community. We love Star Wars and we feel honored, in our own small way, to be able to share our passion for this galaxy to other Star Wars fans.

    We have had the great pleasure of talking Star Wars with Tom Kane, David Collins, Greg Grunberg and other Star Wars hosts and contributors. There's nothing better than hearing all the stories on what Star Wars has meant to each one of us.

    This episode of the show from Star Wars Celebration, we discuss all the things announced, revealed and anticipated in the upcoming year from Lucasfilm. We'll also bring the audience into the conversation and give away some of the latest Star Wars items.

    Join us as we go Inside The Force.

  • Lords of the Sith Lords of the Sith Logo

    Lords of the Sith is a daughter project of Star Wars Connection, the first fan podcast to represent the section of the fandom excited about romance in the Sequel Trilogy. We provide educational Star Wars content through a lens of literary and film analysis, psychology and a dash of pop culture. Lords of the Sith proudly represents the international fandom and its diversity. Our speakers represent various cultures, age brackets, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds; proof that love of Star Wars can bring people together across the stars and galaxy.

    The words "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away" remind us that Star Wars is a fairy tale in space. Beyond queens and princesses, palaces, epic quests, and transformative journeys to distant lands, an important motif of fairy tales is romance. Star Wars has a tradition of uniting unlikely couples; one distinctive aspect of its romances is its subversion of common tropes and refreshing portrayals of gender dynamics, which humanize the characters by giving them complexity and nuance.

    Our motto is "Those ships also belong in Star Wars" and our discussion covers the importance of romance in Star Wars from a storytelling standpoint. In this epic generational saga love in all its forms plays a key role. All sources of inspiration for Star Wars feature romance, from Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress to Flash Gordon and the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Romance also ties in with Joseph Campbell's mythology, at the heart of Star Wars.

    Join our speakers Denise, Lee and Mary and special guest Monte as they cover romantic themes in Star Wars from a literary and film analysis perspective, while also discussing the perception of these themes by the Star Wars fanbase, where romance is often believed to be closely tied to the female viewership and supposedly disavowed by male fans. But "shipping" in Star Wars is as old as the question of "Han or Luke: who will Leia end up with?" and romantic elements are as integral to the larger story told in Star Wars as lightsabers and the Force itself.

  • Making Tracks Making Tracks Logo

    Part of the Fantha Tracks podcast network, Making Tracks is a bi-weekly interview-based podcast bringing news, discussion and interviews from the UK, Europe, Australia and the US. Each episode, Mark Newbold is joined by fellow Fantha Tracker Dave Tree and together they talk with stars of the saga – guests have included Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, and legendary artists Greg Hildebrandt – and fellow fans, while talking about the ever-busy series and its illustrious past.

    Making Tracks also focuses heavily on event coverage. Since launch, Making Tracks has reported from New York Comic Con, MCM London, Collectormania, MCM Birmingham, Farthest From and Fantha Day (yes, Fantha Tracks has its own convention with Fantha Day 5 coming May 2019), London Film and Comic Con and Star Wars Fan Fun Day. Chicago will be our first Celebration as Fantha Tracks (but certainly not our first rodeo).

    Other shows on the Fantha Tracks podcast network include literature show Canon Fodder, Q&A podcast Fantha Chat, the music-based show Desert Planet Discs and Australian focused show The Fantha From Down Under. This weekend will see the launch of our latest show, Transatlantic Tracks. Our aim is to be eclectic, insightful and most of all fun.

    Since launching in late October 2017, Fantha Tracks has made waves in the fandom, being featured on Wired, io9, the BBC news website, Yahoo and Wired while many members of the team have been interviewed on BBC radio. We’re proud and excited to be bringing Fantha Tracks to the Celebration Chicago podcast stage.

  • Never Tell Me The Pods Never Tell Me The Pods Logo

    Never Tell Me the Pods is a deep dive into Star Wars filled with love and puns. Groan-worthy episode titles include Where There's a Whill, There's Îmwe (discussing Rogue One), Human / Cyborg Relations (discussing droid rights), and Look Who's Talzin (discussing Dathomir and the Nightsisters). Never Tell Me the Pods covers all aspects of Star Wars, including both Legends and new canon, comics, video games, television, and tabletop.

    The show focuses on centering the experiences of under-represented voices in fandom while bringing true passion to the material. An episode may do a deep dive comparing lightsaber lore from Legends and the new canon, or it may generate an entire alternate Thrawn trilogy storyline prominently featuring fan-favorite fanfic character Gunk Mudboat, Corran Horn's best friend. (This is what happens when two of the hosts are improv comedians who have never read the Expanded Universe.)

    Fandom episodes might tackle representation and diversity issues in tabletop Star Wars, interview the mysterious Veerswatch, or ask Marvel editors which hair products Grand Admiral Thrawn would use. Other standout segments include Pigs in Space (where the hosts list porcine creatures in the galaxy far, far away), Peace is a Lie, There is Only Fashion (where the hosts talk about Star Wars outfits), and Capital Shipping, which is exactly what it sounds like. Pranks Paul, Kat Kuhl, James D'Amato and Johnny O'Mara are veteran podcasters and storytellers who live in Chicago. You can find them on other shows including the AutoNomic Podcast, Dilettante Ball, and the OneShot Network.

  • Rogue Podron Rogue Podron Logo

    ROGUE PODRON is a weekly podcast that travels through the Star Wars: X-Wing novels by Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston. The podcast acts as a book-club companion, allowing listeners to read several chapters of the famous Legends novels each week before listening to the hosts discuss the same chapters on the show.

    In addition to the X-Wing novels, listeners have also joined ROGUE PODRON on journeys through other classic Legends novels such as The Courtship of Princess Leia, with a steadfast focus on having fun through reading.

    Through weekly listener questions, a string of inside jokes too long to list, and a vibrant social media community, ROGUE PODRON has built a community of long-time Legends fans and newcomers alike.

    After completing the X-Wing books, ROGUE PODRON will delve deeper into Star Wars lore, with each co-host leading raucous discussions on a topic of their choosing. From the biology of Thala-sirens to droid rights, from Constable Zuvio to Chief Chirpa the Ewok, ROGUE PODRON will continue to provide hilarious entertainment beyond the book series.

    ROGUE PODRON was created by Meg Humphrey, regular host of FAR FAR AWAY RADIO, and FFAR episode editor Danny Pirtle. They are joined by Saf Davidson and Heath Williams, making for a fantastic squadron of humorous, insightful, and dedicated pilots.

  • Skytalkers Podcast Skytalkers Podcast Logo

    Skytalkers, hosted by lifelong best friends Caitlin Plesher and Charlotte Errity, is a Star Wars podcast that covers the Star Wars films, television shows, stories, canon, themes, and characters in a comprehensive, three-part format. We've been huge fans for over half of our lives but our story really begins here, in 2005, when Caitlin lost a bet in middle school and Charlotte forced her to watch all six Star Wars films. It was the fall of 2005, Revenge of the Sith had just come out on DVD, and when Caitlin watched them all, she was instantly hooked. We never really turned back and eventually in January 2017, we started our very own podcast: Skytalkers.

    Our first episode was recorded in Caitlin's apartment closet, squished together in a makeshift recording booth, figuring out how to ask questions, speak into the microphone, and produce something people might actually want to listen to. Since then, we've moved across the country, started new jobs, and finally figured out how to plug in our microphones. We love to take a singular theme in Star Wars and dissect it across all films and mediums. One of our favorite episodes being about the different types of visions and premonitions in Star Wars, or the symbolism of hands throughout the films. When listeners tune into Skytalkers, they're guaranteed to hear about at least one of our favorite things: the prequels, Ahsoka Lives (!), Kylo Ren, galactic politics, or our immense love for the Skywalker family. Our goal from the beginning of Skytalkers was to create a space where we could talk about Star Wars the way we wanted to: by discussing all aspects of the franchise in a positive, analytical, and fun way. We hope that when you turn on Skytalkers, you feel like you're a part of the conversation: laughing, obsessing, and diving deep into all your favorite parts of our collective galaxy far, far away.

  • SkyWalking Through Neverland SkyWalking Through Neverland Logo

    Join us for a positive, family-friendly interactive fandom adventure! We are bringing our special brand of discussion, fun and entertainment to the podcast stage. Every Skywalker will also have an opportunity to play games, win prizes and have a story to tell! Our goal is to make sure you walk away with a smile and know you are part of our special Skywalker family within this fandom community.

    This event will be jam-packed with our fan-favorite segments. These include a Special Guest Discussion, Things We Want To Share, highlights from Star Wars Celebration Chicago as well as the past 20 years of Celebrations and so much more.

  • Star Wars Bookworms Star Wars Bookworms Logo

    Star Wars Bookworms was started in 2013 as a show devoted to the world of Star Wars literature and part of the Star Wars Report Network. The show primarily focuses on Star Wars novels and comics in all categories from adult to young adult and even juniors. It is a family-friendly show that dedicates itself to covering as much of the Star Wars literary universe as it can. In recent years the show has expanded to include reference books like Ultimate Star Wars. As an added bonus the hosts like to interview authors and creators in the Star Wars literature community. A few of the people that the show is proud to have interviewed include Pablo Hidalgo, Vanessa Marshall, Christie Golden, Drew Karpyshyn, Alexander Freed, Adam Bray, and John Jackson Miller.

    The hosts Aaron Goins and Teresa Delgado have both been podcasting since 2011 and have appeared on convention stages as contributors over the past several years. At Dragon Con in 2014, they were proud to moderate the Star Wars Author panel which included Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole, Christie Golden, Kevin J Anderson, and Rebecca Moesta. While the show is primarily devoted to Books and Comics on occasion you may catch an episode where they discuss a Star Wars film or TV show. This allows them to draw connections between the films and the books in a way that other shows may not. The show has also been proud to facilitate discussions with its listener community via social media and discussion groups on both Facebook and Goodreads. Star Wars Bookworms last appeared on the podcast stage at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

  • Star Wars Geek Girl Star Wars Geek Girl Logo

    Star Wars Geek Girls started when Lizzy and Zoe were only 14, Star Wars Geek Girl is a podcast based on both girls experiences based on being a girl raised with Star Wars. Their costuming as Sabine from Star Wars rebels is what introduced the girls to each other. Both are active with fan groups such as Saber Guild and the 501st. The girls met because of their love of Star Wars and have become not only podcast hosts, but great friends. Their show covers Star Wars from a teenage girl point of view but is for all ages. From Star Wars News, costuming, guests, or teenage insight Star Wars Geek girl podcast helps share the love of Star Wars to everyone.

  • Star Wars Minute Star Wars Minute Logo

    Star Wars Minute is a daily podcast devoted to analyzing, scrutinizing and celebrating the Star Wars saga one minute at a time. Each episode features Pete The Retailer and Alex Robinson examining a minute of film in excruciating and amusing detail as they and their guest discuss behind-the-scenes trivia, EU oddities, fan theories, and more! Their "hardcore casual" approach has attracted a wide range of guests, from comedians like

    Doug Benson, Paul Rust, and Jackie Kashian, to chef J. Kenji López-Alt, and New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator. The show began in 2013 with minute one of Star Wars (1977). After working their way through the original trilogy, they moved onto the prequels (you haven't lived until you've spent three weeks [fifteen episodes] discussing a podrace!) and finally started their coverage of the Disney films in 2018 when they started analyzing minute one of The Force Awakens. By the time they complete TFA in late May 2019 they'll have released close to one thousand episodes, all of which are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and most other popular podcast platforms.

    Pete The Retailer was two years old when he saw Star Wars for the first time with his family at a drive-in on Long Island, NY. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and family. His favorite character is either Boshek or Greedo, depending.

    Alex Robinson is an award-winning cartoonist and a fan of Hammerhead. He currently resides in Portland, OR, but he first saw Star Wars with his father in 1977 at the Westchester Mall in New York.

  • Star Wars Action News Star Wars Action News  Logo

    Started in 2005, it is not only the longest-running Star Wars podcast, but also was the first podcast dedicated solely to Star Wars collecting. The show covers all forms of collectibles, Hasbro to Gentle Giant, Micro Machines to life-sized replicas, and everything in between! Topics regularly covered include action figure reviews, both new and vintage era, as well as books, statues, busts, and prop replicas, as well as collecting tips and display discussion.

    Regular guests on the show include Hasbro's Star Wars brand team, Star Wars authors and artists, and Guinness World-Record holding collector Steve Sansweet. The podcast is hosted by Marjorie Carvalho, one of the first women to anchor a Star Wars podcast, and Arnie Carvalho. Arnie and Marjorie started the podcast to share their love of Star Wars and collecting with fans across the globe. Arnie collects Star Wars action figures, statues, books, comics, video games, vehicles, prop replicas, and more, while Marjorie focuses her collection mostly to foreign items, Jar Jar and Porg-related items. Arnie also has a focus collection of Greedo merchandise and art.

    They are joined at Celebration by their UK Toy Reporter Steve Nixon, Hot Toys reviewer Andrew Harrison, book reviewer Brock, and Emperor-focused collector Daryl Whitlow.

    Join the Star Wars Action News teammates as they podcast live from Celebration about all the new and exciting, as well as rare and unique, toys and collectibles at the show!

    Then subscribe to their show and hear all their reviews and discussions at SWActionNews.com

  • Tarkin’s Top Shelf Tarkin’s Top Shelf Logo

    Tarkin's Top Shelf is a Star Wars literary podcast. It was created and crafted with the hope of delivering educational, yet entertaining reviews on the new canonical novels, and young adult books from the Star Wars Universe. The hosts dive deep into the books and relentlessly look for continuity connections between the pages of the books and everything on screen. In essence, the show strives to bring "Book Awareness" to the Star Wars fandom by showcasing the stories that happen off-screen. A richness that only a book can bring, by meshing imagination from paper with imagery on screen. In other words, Tarkin's Top Shelf is the fandom's bookends. With each episode, the exploration of Star Wars aspects ensues deeper between theoretical thinking and beyond the books. Of course, all the while keeping it positive, yet honest. After all, if one is to understand the great mystery (Star Wars), one must study all its aspects, not just the films.

    So please, join your hosts, Becca Benjamin, and Mark Sutter as they take to the Star Wars Celebration Podcasting Stage and take you on a literary journey across the stars in a galaxy far, far away. Their discussion will cover every parsec of story possibilities from the books, to on screen, and everything in-between. Also, Tarkin's Top Shelf welcomes their honorary guest hosts: Ryder Waldron from the Idiot's Array Podcast and Devon Meyers, the co-host from Kanata's Castle Podcast to accompany them on this bookish adventure through Star Wars literature and beyond.

  • The Canon Cantina The Canon Cantina Logo

    While Luke"s journey is the core of the show, other aspects of the universe are explored in recurring segments. The hosts talk tabletop and video games at "The Dejarik Table," argue what should remain Legend in "I Will Make It Canon," embrace the imperfections of Star Wars in "The Criticism Corner," and many more. Along the way, listeners will enjoy the kind of banter that only 25+ years of friendship fueled by a mutual love of Star Wars can provide.

    Listeners will likely find something in each host to identify with. Jesse has remained a steadfast lifelong Star Wars fanatic, accumulating a wealth of detailed Star Wars knowledge and an inspiring devotion to all things related to that galaxy far, far away. Mike was a childhood fan who dropped out in the years following the prequels, but whose love for the universe was rekindled by The Force Awakens. Not one to pull his punches, Mike understands that it's okay to (politely) pick on something you love, and is always ready with a witty jab. Their personalities play off of each other in a way that will keep guests engaged and laughing through each episode.

    Join them in their quest to understand all things Luke while geeking out over Star Wars news on the podcast stage, live at Star Wars Celebration.

  • The Rated NA Podcast The Rated NA Podcast Logo

    Rated NA has been celebrating the creative things that people do since way back in 2010. Their weekly show, The Rated NA Podcast, currently has over 350 episodes and has featured fun conversations with content creators from all corners of the entertainment industry. When not talking about the latest video games, pop-culture, movies and T.V., you'll likely find Rated NA wandering the halls of events all over the nation soaking up as much pop-culture goodness as they possibly can. This year the Rated NA team is back at Star Wars Celebration for a live recording of their force-infused audio show! Join the the gang for a Star Wars themed LIVE choose-your-own-adventure tale complete with trivia, prizes, surprise guests and ample audience participation. Will the rebel audience be able to escape the clutches of the evil Empire? Join us live to find out! This hour is guaranteed to be fun for both younglings and "Old Bens" alike.

    The Rated NA's Ash, Matt, and Scott, are lifelong friends who grew up watching and debating the magic of Star Wars. When not in the studio, all three members have very different jobs in the entertainment industry and do their best to teach their own younglings the proper way to wield a lightsaber.

  • The Resistance Broadcast The Resistance Broadcast Logo

    The Resistance Broadcast is the official podcast of Star Wars News Net! We have new episodes twice a week and can be found on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and now on video on the SWNN YouTube channel!

    Our podcast is very inclusive as we involve our listeners in every episode in several ways. Our goal is to provide a fun, engaging, and informative hour for our listeners twice a week! In addition to how immersive our show is, what makes us unique is that we structure each episode with several segments to keep it an enjoyable, smooth, and fun listening experience.

    On Mondays we post our news episode, where we give our takes and speculation on all of the recent news, rumors, and latest info from the galaxy far, far away! We also go over our weekly poll results and answer viewer question at the end of the show!

    On Thursdays we have fun interactive segments tackling varying topics in Star Wars in addition to having deep dive discussions, play games, and launch giveaway contests! We always end these episodes featuring viewer tweets about a particular Star Wars topic!

    We refer to all of our viewers and listeners as members of the Resistance. We strive to reach as many people as possible to let them know that with The Resistance Broadcast they have a fun community and place to enjoy Star Wars talk twice a week.

    Our base is always open so come hang out with us by joining the Resistance!

  • Unmistakably Star Wars Unmistakably Star Wars Logo

    Unmistakably Star Wars has one of the galaxy's most diverse podcast teams, and is dedicated to promoting positivity in fandom. We are a proud founding member of the Star Wars Escape Pods Network, which includes our sister shows Skytalkers, and Geeky Bubble (formerly Rebels Chat). Join us at the SWCC pod stage for a fun and engaging conversation, limited edition art giveaways from our friends at Outer Rim Originals, and more!

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