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Lightsaber Academy

We are happy to announce that the Lightsaber Academy is returning to Star Wars Celebration Europe for all four days in 2023. The Lightsaber Academy, led by members of Saber Guild, is the most popular activity offered at the Star Wars Kids Stage. Because of its popularity, this offering typically attracts a higher number of eager parents and children than spaces available. Due to high demand and limited capacity, all participants will be identified via random selection to ensure fairness.

Training Schedule

Friday 4/7 – Sunday 4/10

  • Session 1: 12-12:30pm

  • Session 2: 12:45- 1:15pm

  • Session 3: 4- 4:30pm

  • Session 4: 4:45-5:15pm

Monday 4/11

  • Session 1: 12-12:30pm

  • Session 2: 12:45- 1:15pm

Steps to Enter the Lightsaber Academy Random Selection

Enter Random Selection at the Kids Stage During the Designated Windows*

  • 10-11am Sessions 1 & 2 Entry Window
  • 2-3pm Sessions 3 & 4 Entry Window
    • *ONE entry only per child, per entry window.

Return to the Kids Stage for Random Selections

  • 11:15am for Sessions 1 & 2 Selections
  • 3:15pm for Sessions 3 & 4 Selections

If Selected, Return to the Star Wars Kids Stage External Queue 15 Minutes BEFORE Designated Training Session Begins for Check-In

  • Session 1 – Return by 11:45am
  • Session 2 – Return by 12:30pm
  • Session 3 – Return by 3:45pm
  • Session 4 – Return by 4:30pm

Lightsaber Academy FAQ

The lightsaber academy, along with the rest of the Star Wars Kids Stage offerings, are complimentary.

25 participants and 3 stand-by names will be selected per session.

No. Each child will only be allowed one entry per entry window, though each entry window does cover two sessions. Duplicate tickets will be removed.

While we understand the random selection system may be overwhelming to some, participants' names must be drawn at random to ensure each child has an equal opportunity each session. We strongly encourage you to sign your child up during each of the entry windows, however please keep in mind multiple entries do not guarantee selection.

No. If selected, your child may attend up to one session per day. If your child is selected for a morning session, we ask that you do not enter them again for the afternoon sessions on the same day. If they are selected again for an afternoon session we reserve the right to decline your child access to training.

No. Morning and afternoon sessions have their own unique entry windows, and afternoon entries will not be allowed during the morning entry windows.

No, you may not enter for future sessions during an earlier sessions entry window.

All random selection winners and stand-by selections will be posted outside the stage entrance after each drawing. If you cannot make it back to the stage for the random selection drawing, please come as soon as you can to see if your child was selected.

If you cannot make it back to the external queue 15-minutes before the training your child was selected for begins we cannot guarantee your child will be checked-in in time for their session and reserve the right to decline admission.

While we do not have a strict age limit, this activity is intended for children 14 & under. We strongly encourage older fans to refrain from entry and allow younger fans to enjoy this offering.

Each child will be given a lightsaber to use during their session. To avoid confusion, we do not allow participants to bring their own lightsabers into the training session.

No. At the end of the session, participants must return the lightsaber they used and will be given a certificate of completion.

Although there are similar elements, this is a different lightsaber training program led by members of the costumed fan group Saber Guild.

While all sessions are led by members of Saber Guild and cover similar material, they may differ slightly depending on who is leading them.

AV team members will be visiting our stage at random times throughout the day. If your child is selected, a clearance release form must be signed by a parent or guardian in order for them to participate.