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STEAM Activity Center

The following Star Wars inspired table activities will be offered at will and are more self guided with instructions provided. Teachers and volunteers will be available to assist students as they progress through their choice of activity.  These activities will rotate throughout Celebration with at least one activity per grade level every day and up to 5 activities running concurrently each day. Most of the table activities will include parts that students will be able to take with them upon completion while learning fun STEAM concepts along the way!

Droid “Fashion Plates”(K-4)

Droids in the Star Wars universe handle all types of jobs and challenges for the beings that they help. Using a selection of plates that have raised outlines of droid domes and bodies, our younger students will select a dome and body to design their own unique astromech by rubbing the imprint and coloring as desired. They may also be inspired to draw unique arms and tools for their droids to use and therefore build their creativity and problem-solving STEAM skills!

Climbing Droid (K-4)

The unique way that Droids move is always a draw for kids!.  Younger students will love to color and decorate a paper droid design of their own.  Using their self-created droids, students will investigate types of motion and materials with friction as they make them mysteriously “climb” up a string or rope.

Paper Circuit Droids (5-8)

Bringing Star Wars droids to life starts with lights! Students will draw and color droids on paper and then learn about basic electronics. They will then create a basic paper circuit with an LED, copper tape, and battery to light its dome.  Welcome to the light side!

Binary Code Bracelet (K-4)(5-8)

Do you speak the binary language of Droids? Students will be introduced to the language of computer programming and create a bracelet of their name translated into binary using beads as the 1’s and 0’s of binary code. Participants will then get to take and wear their binary coded bling to share their new skills to others!

Star Wars Origami (K-4)(5-8)

Students will have the opportunity to create their own origami versions of Star Wars iconic devices. These will include Holocrons, Starships, and even the stars they travel between. Students will see how geometric shapes can be combined to make complex designs that we all know from the films and be able to take their creations home with them to decorate or simply display proudly.

Robot Arms to the Rescue (4-12)

Students will be able to use a remote-controlled robot arm to rescue the many parts of C-3P0 from a conveyor belt before being dumped into the super hot furnaces below Cloud City. Utilizing problem solving skills and learning how robotic arms function, students will compete to get the best time and save as many pieces as they can including his irreplaceable head full of the knowledge of 6 million forms of communication.

Mini Light Sabers (4-8)

Students will create an “Elegant weapon for a more civilized age,” but on a smaller scale and a bit less deadly. Using a LED diode in place of a Kyber crystal, students will construct their own mini lightsaber and become a Jedi Master!  Students will develop an understanding of basic electronics and how similar items are used to develop more screen accurate lightsabers. Students will love this project; be sure to watch out for our younglings and their lightsabers walking the convention floor!

Draw with ArtBot (5-8)

Astromechs are one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars Universe, with Droidbuilders often putting their own unique spin and detail into their builds of the iconic characters. Students will create their own astromech art bot using motors and markers and send it off to design and create unique pieces of art. They will fabricate their pool noodle droid body to fit legs that are markers. With any luck, their droid artbots might tell the story of their journey at Celebration!

Solder a Droidbuilders Blinky Badge (5-8)(9-12) (with parent supervision)

Want to be a droidsmith like Babu Frick?  In this table activity, students will add LEDs and electronic components to a custom made Droidbuilders board to wear.  Students will learn soldering basics and solder LEDs and components to complete the circuits in the badge and create a fun blinking badge to show off for the remainder of Celebration. Guaranteed to get a lot of “Hey hey!”  This activity has a materials fee of $5.00

Toothbrush Mouse Droids (5-8)(9-12)

Droids in the Star Wars universe move in so many ways!  Students will explore a fun way to create a simple MSE Droid that moves due to the vibration of toothbrush bristles!  By creating a simple circuit with a cell phone vibration motor, students will be to explore ways to make their droid move and then add decor to make it their own creation.  The squeals you hear will be the ones of kids exclaiming excitement over the STEAM skills they learn through this play activity.