Venue Details


ExCeL London

One Western Gateway

Royal Victoria Dock London

E16 1XL

T: +44 (0) 207 069 5000

E: [email protected]

For more comprehensive information regarding the venue itself, click here to go to ExCeL London website.


How to get to ExCeL

For information on how to get to ExCeL London by air, rail, tube, DLR, road, river and cable car then please visit ExCeL London website here

Please note that if coming by DLR you need to alight at Prince Regent Station for the East Entrance of ExCeL London

Venue & General Information

Please click here to view an A-Z of helpful venue and general information to help you with your planning.

Exhibitor Catering

ExCeL London Regulations state that all food and drink that is to be consumed on or given away from your stand must be purchased from the Official Exhibition caterers. They will be more than happy to help and advise you on a wide range of options available to suit your requirements and budget.

To order any hospitality catering for your stand, please click here to view the Hospitality Planner or e-mail [email protected] if you have any queries or requests.


Exhibitor & Contractor Welfare

We all have a duty of care to help and support event industry professionals and here at RX Global, the safety and wellbeing of everyone onsite is one of our top priorities.  Everyone has a role to play to look out and care for our colleagues and peers and we can all do this by taking the following steps:

  • Don’t request or plan for stand designs that can not be safely and comfortably constructed and dismantled during the published time available.
  • Provide sufficient amount of onsite crew to reduce long working hours
  • Ensure adequate breaks for staff
  • Everyone on site should have access to drinking water, catering facilities and rest rooms
  • Be kind.  Be considerate

Emergency Procedures

Evacuation or partial evacuation is on the advice of the Venue. Should an emergency occur that necessitates an evacuation, an announcement will be made over the PA system. Exit the building immediately via the nearest exit point and make your way on foot to your closest Assembly Point. Please refrain from using mobile phones at this time.

Whilst at the Assembly Point you will be kept informed of developments. When the emergency has ceased you will either be invited to return to the exhibition to resume normal business or advised to return the next day – in which case you will not be permitted to return to the exhibition to collect vehicles, bags, briefcases etc.

To download the venue Emergency Procedures that should be distributed to all staff working onsite, please click here.


Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of personnel and equipment and the premises are patrolled day and night, we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage or any consequential losses which may befall your personnel and their property.

We recommend that valuables are not left unattended on your stand. This is particularly relevant on the closing evening and throughout the breakdown period. During the day be aware of your space - report anything or anyone suspicious to security. If there is an incident on your stand resulting in the loss of property, please make sure that you have reported it to the Security Manager or the Organisers Office on site, unfortunately failure to do so could result in your insurance claim being made void.

Exhibitor badges or e-badges are essential for open days, unfortunately, no badge no entry! During the build-up and breakdown period, all contractors must have a contractor wristband or e-badge.

Safety and Security at our Events

The safety and security of our staff and attendees is our priority. We work closely with the venue, local and national authorities to identify risks, assess them and develop security plans for our events. Everyone attending our events should be aware that the following are in place:

  • Customer Service staff may approach you to assist you outside, at entry or inside the event
  • Staff are required to wear ID badges provided
  • Bag checks are in operation at our events
  • Walkthrough or hand held scanners may be in operation at our events
  • CCTV in operation at our events is monitored and recorded
  • Uniformed and covert Security Guards are in attendance at our events
  • Uniformed and covert Police are in attendance at some of our events
  • Canine Security and Detection is in operation at some of our events.

Everyone attending our events is requested to:

  • Keep personal property with you at all times and do not leave any items unattended
  • Report anything that looks unusual, suspicious or just out of place to a member of event staff
  • Remain patient and courteous with event staff undertaking security checks.
  • Follow the instructions of event staff at all times
  • On their final visit to the event, dispose of their badges/wristbands inside the event or when they’ve returned home, not in bins immediately outside the event.

If you have any feedback or questions about event security, please contact [email protected]

Security Guards on stands

Under the Private Security Industry Act 2001 those that provide and/or carry out the activities of a security guard, under a contract for services, will require an SIA licence (Security Industry Authority).

There are no objections to you supplying uniformed security guards on your stands throughout the tenancy, provided we are informed in advance, as we will need details such as the company you intend on using, how many hours, details of their insurance and SIA numbers. With this in mind we would highly recommend that you use the Official Exhibition Security Contractor.

General Security Tips for Exhibitors

When planning your stand and briefing your staff please consider and advise them the following:

  • Evacuation procedures - what they should do and where their rendezvous points are - please refer to the Health and Safety section of this manual for detailed plans.
  • In the event of an incident at the show or in the local area that results in your team not being able to make it home - please consider a contingency plan - have hotel numbers to hand, taxi details etc.
  • Security measures ;
  1. Never leave your stand unattended.
  2. Check your valuables: Do you need them all on site or could some items be left at home/hotel?
  3. IPads, Laptops - please make sure they are secure and/or take them home each evening.
  4. Leads - keep them safe - these are your new customers!
  5. Check your stand each morning that it is how you left it - making sure no strange bags or packages have appeared.
  6. During the day be aware of your space - report anything or anyone suspicious to security.
  7. At the close of the day - tidy and check your stand again.