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Find programming that will ensure your Celebration experience will be long remembered.  There’s something for everyone with first looks, behind the scenes, fan panels, and more!

Virtual Panel & Exhibitor Shopping Selection and LIGHTSPEED Reservations

Virtual Panel and Exhibitor Shopping selections are open until Sunday, May 22 at 11:59 PM PT. LIGHTSPEED Lane Reservations open each day of Celebration at 9 AM PT. Only LIGHTSPEED Lane Reservations require badge activation. Virtual Panel & Shopping Selection does not require badge activation.

Collecting Track

Join collectors from around the galaxy to learn about Star Wars memorabilia all weekend long!

Pin Trading Program

This year’s Star Wars Celebration pin set features artwork by renowned artist Chris Uminga, and features over 50 beloved characters (including some surprise chase pins) from throughout the Star Wars galaxy.

Star Wars Kids

The Star Wars Kids Stage is the place for kids and their families to enjoy activities just for them! There are fun classes and panels to participate in, or just relax with a game or book in our lounge area.

Cosplay Competition

Both veteran and amateur cosplayers alike will join the most exciting Cosplay Competition in the galaxy at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! It is more than just a competition – it’s a fun filled celebration of the very best Star Wars cosplayers that want to share their talent, skill and determination with the universe.

Star Wars Celebration Art Show Presented By Acme Archives

Pre-order your favorite official and exclusive Star Wars artwork today!  All pre-orders will be available for pick up onsite at The Star Wars Celebration Art Show, and must be ordered by 12:00PM PT on Monday, May 16.


Find memorabilia and interactive experiences from across the galaxy on the Star Wars Celebration Show Floor.

Ink Fusion Tattoo Empire

At the Star Wars Tattoo pavilion at Celebration Anaheim, some of the best tattoo artists in the world will perform their craft live at the show, all weekend long. Sign up in advance for an appointment with the artists, or stop by the pavilion to book your time for the ultimate Star Wars souvenir! Whether you already have a Star Wars tattoo, or get a new one at the show, you can sign up for the Star Wars Celebration Tattoo Competition.

To reserve a tattoo appointment at Celebration in advance of the show, select the artist you’re interested in reserving with below to find out how to get in touch with them. To receive a tattoo and/or compete in the Star Wars Celebration Tattoo Show, you must have a valid ticket to Celebration.

Droid Builders Academy

The DroidBuilders Galactic Academy will give K-12 students the opportunities to explore hands-on learning activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in the context of the STAR WARS universe, especially as they relate to Droidbuilding.  With innovative and engaging activities that teach STEAM skills and concepts, kids visiting SWCA 2022 will have the opportunity to visit the STEAM room at any time during their Celebration experience to complete mini projects as this space will be available during convention hours when the Droidbuilders rooms are open. In addition to our on-going make and take activities, we will also hold special classes for students at scheduled times to allow for more in depth exploration into STEAM concepts. This will be a great way for kids to not only see Droids in action, but also allow them to learn more about the science, engineering, technology, art, and math that goes into building Droids and fostering lifelong learning in our young Star Wars Celebration Attendees.

STEAM Activity Center

Here you’ll find self guided Star Wars inspired table activities! Teachers and volunteers will be available to assist students as they progress through their choice of activity.  These activities will rotate throughout Celebration with at least one activity per grade level every day. Most of the table activities will include parts that students will be able to take with them upon completion while learning fun STEAM concepts along the way!

STEAM Classroom

Our STEAM classes will be offered in the separate STEAM classroom and allow students more time to explore a variety of STEAM concepts in depth with the help of teachers and DroidBuilder volunteers.  Each class will run for approximately 50-60 minutes with time allotted for additional questions and help for students who would like to continue the learning process.